Aerlex Law Group

FAA & Regulatory Law

50 Years of Experience in Aviation Regulatory Law

Aerlex Law Group has unparalleled proficiencies in the field of aviation regulatory law. This skillset is important for Aerlex clients as aviation in the United States is one of the most heavily regulated industries at the Federal level.

A Broad Range of Aviation Regulation Services

Aerlex offers its clients a broad range of services in all sectors of worldwide aviation regulation with a specialist on board who worked for the FAA and DOT, two Federal agencies principally involved in regulation services. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), oversees safety issues for all segments of aviation. The Department of Transportation (DOT), is responsible for economic regulation of commercial air carriers.

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Counsel for Major Airlines and Private Aircrafts

With a combined total of more than 50 years of experience working in the field of aviation regulatory law, Aerlex aviation regulatory attorneys have represented or counseled major airlines (both US and foreign), business aircraft owners, aviation service providers and individual pilots and mechanics on all aspects of aviation regulation. These include aviation enforcement matters, airline certification and accompanying U.S. citizenship issues, as well as accidents.

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Advisory Leadership to Prominent Industry Groups

Aerlex attorneys have often been called upon by the FAA and by leading aviation industry groups to lend their knowledge and experience. One of our specialists served on the FAA committee that wrote the current rules for aircraft fractional ownership and on another FAA committee tasked by the FAA to suggest changes to its air carrier and commercial operator rules. This attorney was also a founding member of the NBAA Tax Committee and served as its Chairman. Aerlex aviation regulatory attorneys remain active participants on National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) committees.

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First-Hand Knowledge and Experience

Our Aviation Certification and Compliance Consultant, a former FAA inspector and FAA Certification and Compliance specialist is an ATP-rated pilot and has held senior management positions at several air carriers. His “real world” knowledge and experience, combined with the expertise of Aerlex regulatory lawyers, allow us to offer unparalleled aviation regulatory services.

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