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Amanda Applegate to Present at NBAA VBACE

Buying a Private Aircraft: What First-time Buyers Need to Know

Aerlex Partner Amanda Applegate and Aircraft Acquisitions, Inc. President Deborah Ann Bew Liu will be presenting at 11:00AM EST at the NBAA VBACE online event on December 3, 2020.

A good rule of thumb is that at 25 hours per year flying charter, a membership or card program is a good investment and at 50 hours per year, fractional ownership offers advantages and at over 200 hours per year, whole aircraft ownership typically is recommended. This panel will introduce the steps buyers need to consider when buying a fractional aircraft or whole airplane, including options available, what to look for in a service provider (fractional program, aircraft management company, or flight department), with an emphasis on considerations for new entrants to business aviation.

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