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Our Aircraft Operator Security Coordinator

Previous Spotlight articles have focused on the Aerlex Law Group’s aircraft transactional practice, federal aviation regulatory practice, local, state and federal tax services and litigation. In our most recent article, we discussed the work Aerlex does in assisting clients with Part 135 air carrier certification, operations and compliance. This article further explores our operational services, highlighting the work of Susan Orozco-Neu, an Aircraft Operator Security Coordinator certified by the U.S. Transportation Security Administration (“TSA”).

The Aerlex Law Group is prepared to assist air carriers in managing their own TSA-approved security program. Any air carrier or commercial operator holding an operating certificate under Part 121, Part 125 or Part 135 of the Federal Aviation Regulations must adopt and implement such a program.

Aerlex Paralegal Susan Orozco-Neu is a qualified Aircraft Operator Security Coordinator (“Security Coordinator”) certified to maintain and manage security operations based on the TSA’s Twelve-Five Standard Security Program (“TFSSP”). The TFSSP was adopted by the TSA to establish security measures and requirements for charter aircraft operators using aircraft with a maximum certificated takeoff weight of 12,500 pounds. The TFSSP and the Security Coordinator provide for the safety of individuals and property traveling on flights provided by the Twelve-Five aircraft operator. These security measures also protect against criminal acts of violence, air piracy and entry of weapons aboard the aircraft.

As a Security Coordinator, Ms. Orozco-Neu receives annual training concerning Twelve-Five aviation security issues. She must also attend a meeting each year regarding the TFSSP with the carrier’s Director of Operations and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Principal Operations Inspector appointed to supervise the activities of the specific carrier. The Security Coordinator’s recurring responsibilities include regular review of postings on the TSA online boards regarding security directives and concerns. Daily TSA correspondence arrives by email highlighting webboard updates and emergency amendments.

When a client is ready to put a TFSSP program in place, Ms. Orozco-Neu begins the process by working with the TSA Principal Security Specialist to prepare and complete the Aircraft Operator Corporate Profile and WebBoard Use Account Request. She and the operator’s schedulers must attest to familiarity with standards for safeguarding Sensitive Security Information. A TFSSP manual is created and stored in a secure location. Ms. Orozco-Neu then meets with the FAA Principal Operations Inspector and the operator’s Director of Operations to discuss and confirm compliance with security requirements.

Once the operator’s TFSSP program is established and approved, Ms. Orozco-Neu must meticulously maintain the integrity and security of the program. She updates the TFSSP manual as needed and protects disclosure of its sensitive content. She acts as the liaison with the operator’s authorized representatives, keeping them informed of requirements governing security information and security responsibilities. She coordinates with the Director of Operations, and the Ground Security and In-Flight Security Coordinators, regarding safety concerns. She checks the TSA webboards on a daily basis to verify that neither the operator’s employees nor potential passengers appear on the most recent TSA “no-fly” lists. She must carefully pre-screen and clear all passengers against these TSA lists prior to boarding flights. She creates written records regarding employee and passenger verifications. Ms. Orozco-Neu maintains close contact with schedulers and pilots to insure accurate flight and passenger documentation.

“We are very proud that Aerlex can offer this service to its air carrier clients,” Aerlex President Stephen Hofer stated. “It is a unique capability and Susan Orozco-Neu takes her responsibilities very seriously. Everyone recognizes the ways in which aircraft have been used for evil purposes in the past and Susan understands that she plays an important role in helping to protect the traveling public and providing our clients with the peace of mind that this legal responsibility is being performed in a vigilant and diligent manner.”

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