The Aerlex Law Group represents domestic and international clients in aviation and business law.  Our unique team of aviation lawyers and professionals provides distinctive and comprehensive services that expedite and simplify aircraft acquisition and ownership.  We represent clients in every facet of aviation law – aircraft transactions, state and federal tax counseling, air carrier certification, FAA guidance and litigation, and a multitude of related matters.

Aerlex Law Group is a recognized leader in business aviation law. Our team of seasoned professionals provides outstanding guidance in aircraft transactions, taxes, regulatory issues, litigation, certifications and enforcement matters. Our broad experience and presence in the aviation industry is evident whether we are negotiating the purchase or lease of an aircraft, evaluating and providing tax recommendations, counseling on insurance needs, or managing the certification of aircraft operations. The Aerlex team’s detailed knowledge of the complexities of aircraft ownership enables us to provide excellent, cost-effective representation. Aerlex Law Group attorneys simplify the intricate legal issues for our clients, and we strive to exceed their expectations.

Whole Aircraft Purchases and Sales

Aerlex attorneys regularly manage domestic and international aviation transactions. We expertly administer transactions involving all types of aviation equipment, from rotorcraft and light jets to large cabin transcontinental aircraft. We help clients build the best team to handle the transaction from the selection of the aircraft to the closing. Our firm works with the finest industry professionals in all categories: aircraft consultants, lenders, insurance brokers, escrow agents and technical inspectors. We create and negotiate all documents in compliance with the laws and regulations governing aircraft sales and purchases. You can count on us to fine tune the details and documents associated with your closing and successfully complete the transaction in a timely and efficient manner.

Fractional Aircraft Ownership

We are uniquely qualified to help fractional owners fully understand the choices that are available in today’s fractional aircraft market. Our attorneys have represented hundreds of fractional owners in acquisitions, leases, renewals, reductions, assignments and repurchases. We have worked with all of the major fractional providers and can help owners identify the best terms and enhancements available to suit their needs.

Aircraft Leasing

In today’s market there are more and more opportunities to find good value in a leased aircraft. We can advise on aircraft selection, negotiate terms, document the agreement and delivery, as well as oversee the necessary regulatory matters to achieve full compliance.

Jet Card Aircraft Ownership

Depending on a client’s needs, jet card ownership can be an excellent option for private business travel. Aerlex can counsel the client on the benefits of this type of ownership.

Aircraft Ownership Structure

Aerlex attorneys are well-versed in devising and implementing the best ownership structure for your whole aircraft or fractional interest. Our expert counsel will simplify the complex task of determining an ownership structure that will not only minimize cost and liability exposure but comply fully with all applicable laws and regulations.

Shared Aircraft Ownership

Our professionals have assisted numerous clients in drafting regulatory compliance co-ownership and joint-ownership documents as well as other shared ownership structures.

Aircraft Financing

Aerlex Law Group is ready to assist you in the review and negotiation of finance loans and lease documents. Our frequent interaction with all the major lenders and our familiarity with negotiated standardized documents allows for favorable legal terms and cost effectiveness.

Aircraft Charter, Management & Services Agreements

At Aerlex, we have extensive knowledge of aircraft charter, management, and other aviation service agreements and have successfully negotiated favorable terms for many aircraft owners. Our understanding of the evolving regulations and tax considerations enables us to smoothly guide you through the negotiation of your management contract. We excel in satisfying business goals while always keeping regulatory compliance requirements in mind.

US Import of Aircraft

Aerlex Law Group will coordinate and oversee the import of your foreign-manufactured aircraft into the United States by using our established relationships with United States Customs Brokers. We assist the broker with importation by supplying a thorough and complete documentation package anticipating every possible United States Customs requirement.

European Value Added Tax (VAT) Import

Aircraft owners must be aware that there are regulations affecting the transportation of passengers possessing European passports within Europe. If you foresee the occurrence of this scenario, the aircraft must be imported for purposes of VAT. We can advise clients about the requirements, risk, timing and method of compliance with this regulation.

International Aircraft Registry

Aerlex acts as Administrator for many of its clients who possess user licenses on the International Registry (IR). In the event that you require a user license, Aerlex will submit an application to the IR on your behalf. Because of our excellent relationship with the IR, our applications are oftentimes approved overnight.