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Maui-based Aircraft Broker says Island needs Generators!

Michael Binder, the owner and chief executive officer of Altitude Aviation, a Los Angeles-based business jet management, aircraft sales and charter placement firm, is a resident of Maui and the owner of a zipline in Kapalua on the leeward, west side of the island. Binder reached out to Aerlex earlier today to share a report of the incredible devastation that the wildfires have brought to Maui and also to offer some thoughts on how private aircraft owners might help with the recovery.

“Right now, the most critical need is for generators,” said Binder. “There are hundreds of people whose homes escaped the fires, but who have lost their power. They can’t run refrigerators or freezers or air conditioning without electricity and it’s difficult to say how long it will take for the power to be fully restored. If private aircraft owners have the capacity, bringing generators to Maui would be incredibly helpful. Getting generators directly to Maui as soon as possible is vital. If they go to Honolulu (on the island of Oahu), that just lengthens the time it takes to get the equipment where it’s already desperately needed.”

Binder, who recorded and shared the brief video of the destruction of the town of Lahaina shown with this announcement, offered his view on other commodities the residents of Maui need right now, in addition to generators:

Summer clothes
Baby clothes and diapers
Shoes, especially sandals
Reef-friendly sunscreen
Canned food
Cat and dog food
Pet travel carriers

“Maui is going to need help soon with rebuilding materials, supplies and, perhaps, volunteers with construction skills, but that’s a couple of weeks down the road. We’ll be reassessing the situation continuously,” Binder continued. “We’ll also need local government ready to process and expedite construction permit approvals; otherwise, rebuilding Lahaina and other portions of Maui could take years.”

Here are several organizations that need your help and support:

American Red Cross of Hawaii 

The Red Cross is working around-the-clock to offer aid to wildfire victims.
They’re asking for your monetary donations and for volunteers.

  • Click here to donate.

Hawaii Salvation Army 

Hawaii Salvation Army is providing meals for thousands displaced in Maui emergency shelters.
They’re asking for monetary donations and large volume meal donations from restaurants and certified kitchens. All money donated for disaster relief will go to disaster operations.

  • Click here to donate.

‘Āina Momona This fundraiser is through the Hawaii Community Foundation.

  • Click here to donate.

Kākoʻo Maui fund

The Council for Native Hawaiian Advancement, Alakaina Foundation Family, and Kako’o Haleakala will match up to $100,000 in donations for Kako’o Maui.
Funds will go to families and businesses.

  • Click here to donate.

Aloha United Way Aloha United Way has created the Maui Relief Fund that will go directly to efforts supporting victims of the fires.

  • Click here to donate.

Maui Food Bank Maui Mutual Aid is seeking donations to support Maui families, kupuna, people with disabilities, and those with limited or no insurance.

  • Click here to donate.

Video below captured by Michael Bender.