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Top 10 Global Private Aircraft Lawyers Shaping Aviation Legal Landscape 2023


Aerlex Law Group founder and president Stephen Hofer was recently recognized as one of the top ten global private aircraft lawyers by Business Today.  The article noted that Hofer “is renowned for his expert advice to clients in the entertainment sector on aircraft ownership and operation matters” and that “his in-depth understanding of aviation law is well recognized in the industry.”

The article continues “Today, the aviation industry is witnessing an unprecedented surge in private aircraft usage. As more organizations and individuals look to acquire their own aircraft, the role of lawyers in advising stakeholders about various matters such as aviation regulations, finance, transactions, tax issues, disputes, and more, has become essential. This article focuses on some of the leading private aircraft lawyers globally, who have carved out a niche for themselves in this highly specialized field.

Hailing from different regions and boasting their own unique expertise, these legal professionals are marking their impact in the aviation industry by providing top-tier services. They are not just helping clients navigate complex aviation laws, but also shaping the industry’s future through their extensive knowledge and efforts. In the following section, we explore these distinguished professionals, providing an insight into their profile and tremendous contribution to the field of private aircraft law.

It cannot be emphasized enough how crucial these legal stalwarts have become in the world of private aviation. By securing better transactions, ensuring regulatory compliance, and handling disputes, they play a significant role in shaping the global private aircraft scene.”

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