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AERLEX Supports Sustainable Aviation Fuels; Attend SAF Industry Webinar September 14-15

September 14, 2020 - September 15, 2020


“Flygskam” – do you know what it is? What it means?

“Flygskam” is a word invented by a Swedish musician a few years ago and since embraced by some environmental activists. It means “flight shame.” Flygskam is a campaign intended to discourage air travel by focusing on the carbon footprint of jet aircraft.

Aerlex Law Group, with its roots in environmentally conscious Southern California, understands the concerns that many have regarding the ecological impact of corporate and private jet travel. But we also know that the human race is not going back to the world that existed before December 17, 1903 and the Wright Brothers’ first airplane flight at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. People will continue to fly; at the same time, people will do what is necessary to make flying more environmentally friendly. In the long-run that will require revolutionary change in the technology that powers our airplanes and helicopters – change that is already on the drawing board – but there are important solutions available today, beginning with greater acceptance of sustainable aviation fuels (SAF).

Rather than being refined from petroleum, SAF is aviation biofuel produced from sustainable sources, such as biological waste products, agricultural residues, and non-fossil carbon dioxide. SAF is “drop-in” fuel, meaning it can be used by today’s jet aircraft engines without any mechanical changes or compromise in performance. SAF can reduce jet aircraft greenhouse gas emissions by up to 65% from the fossil fuels it replaces. SAF also can reduce the emission of particulate matter from jet engines by up to 90% and sulfur oxides by 100%.

Aerlex is an aviation boutique law firm that supports “green” flying and is ready to help its clients embrace solutions like SAF that can reduce the environmental impact of aircraft usage. If you would like more information on SAF or other environmentally proactive solutions, please contact Aerlex President Stephen Hofer at 310-392-5200.


September 14, 2020
September 15, 2020